Multihead Packing Machine

Model No. DP-130


Combined with whole function automatically feeding measuring filling and bag making printing date.
Hight weight accuracy less man power easy operate and maintenance

Applied Scope
Suitable for packaging fragile bulk material with irregular shape puffed food, potato chips, banana chips, tea leaf, peanut, candy, etc..

Model No. DP - 130 10 Head 14 Head
Weigher Head 10 Head 14 Head
Accuracy +- 0.1 - 1 gm +- 0.3 - 1.5 gm
Packing Product Grains, potato chips, peanut etc.. Grains, potato chips, peanut etc..
Power Single phase / 3 phase Single phase / 3 phase
Bag pulling system Servo Motor Servo Motor
Sealing System By Air Cylinder/ Servo By Air Cylinder/ Servo
Speed 40 to 60 Packet BPM 50 to 90 Packet BPM
Film Size 500 Max 500 Max
Weight 1500 kg 1800 kg
Type of Sealing Centre Seal/Pillow Seal Centre Seal/Pillow Seal
Film Laminate Laminate